Roman Reigns Responds To The Rock Appearing On WWE Raw

The Rock - Roman Reigns split image

The Rock’s little nudge at Roman Reigns on Raw didn’t go unnoticed.

On the January 1st episode of Raw, The Rock made a stunning return to WWE. The appearance came after Triple H teased that a former WWE Champion would be on the show.

It was initially announced that the former champion in question was Jinder Mahal, who arrived much to the disappointment of the live crowd. However, after the star ran down the audience and the United States, The Rock appeared to a monster ovation.

The WWE legend set about running down Mahal on the microphone before finishing him off with a People’s Elbow.

However, the real headlines were yet to come. Before leaving The Rock said he was hungry and asked whether he should go and eat in a booth, at a bar, or at the head of the table — a clear and obvious reference to Roman Reigns. A match between the pair has been rumoured for years, and it seems unlikely such a direct reference would be accidental.

The line from the Great One didn’t go unnoticed by Reigns, who posted a crying laughing emoji on social media.

Roman Reigns To Discover Royal Rumble Fate

If a match between Rock and Reigns is indeed in the works, the intrigue moves to when and where. Interestingly, it’s been reported that Australian officials have made a pitch to bring The Rock to Elimination Chamber on February 24th, but a WrestleMania main event between the pair would seemingly be hard to resist for WWE.

However, before that, Roman Reigns will be back in action at the Royal Rumble. On SmackDown New Year’s Revolution on January 5th, AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton will meet in a Triple Threat Match to decide a new number one contender and potential next victim for the Tribal Chief.