The Rock Makes Shock WWE Return, Teases Match With Roman Reigns

The Rock cuts a promo on WWE Raw

Finally… The Rock has come back to claim his position at the Head of the Table?

Following reports that a former WWE Champion would be appearing on Raw, Triple H only added to the speculation by refusing to confirm or deny the rumours. A whole host of names were mentioned online among fans with Brock Lesnar and Batista popular frontrunners, but come January 1st, 2024 it was a different WWE legend in the ring, in an appearance that could have huge ramifications.

After a number of teases throughout the show, Samantha Irwin announced the arrival of the surprise guest and out came Jinder Mahal. The star’s appearance went down like a lead balloon with the live crowd, and Michael Cole did little to cover up the reaction.

Mahal referenced The Iron Sheik, said he deserved more respect, and ran down the United States before The Rock music’s hit to a thunderous ovation.

The Great One paid his own tribute to the Sheik before turning his attention to Mahal. The WWE Legend said he was proud to be the People’s Champion and proud to be American, adding that fans didn’t boo Mahal because of how he looked or spoke, but because he’s an asshole.

The Rock said Mahal wasn’t funny and managed to poke fun at his role in Baywatch before dubbing the star “Day One Douchebag.”

Rock threatened to take out Mahal, but the Modern-Day Maharaja attacked first only to be left laying by a People’s Elbow. Then came the bombshell.

Before leaving, Rock said he was hungry and asked fans if he should get some food and sit in a booth, at the bar, or at the head of the table, a direct shot at Roman Reigns. This was the first time either The Rock or Reigns has directly teased a match on WWE television.

When Did The Rock Last Wrestle In WWE

The Rock last wrestled a proper match back in 2013, losing out to John Cena at WrestleMania 29. The veteran did officially wrestle once more at WrestleMania 32, pinning Luke Rowan in an impromptu match after a segment with The Wyatt Family, although the action was over in six seconds.

Since then the now Hollywood megastar has made occasional appearances, most recently at SmackDown on September 15th, after linking up with Pat McAfee on ESPN College Gameday as he did earlier on January 1st.

Back in October, it was reported that The Rock wasn’t involved in WWE’s WrestleMania plans, however, it seems that might have changed. But there’s no guarantee that a match between Rock and Reigns will take place at the Showcase of the Immortals. Interestingly, it’s been reported that Australian officials have made a pitch to bring The Rock to Elimination Chamber on February 24th.