The Rock Blasts Seth Rollins For Critical Comments, Rollins Responds

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The Rock is not happy about what Seth Rollins said about how WWE doesn’t need the People’s Champion.

At the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff Press Event in Las Vegas, the headlines were about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson slapping Cody Rhodes in the face after Rock felt disrespected by Cody’s comments.

That slap from Rock also led to the World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins getting involved and getting in The Rock’s face, but they were separated before things got physical.

In the weeks that followed, Rollins told Cody he would help him fight against The Rock and the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, as well as the rest of The Bloodline group. In interviews, Rollins has taken numerous shots at Rock saying that WWE doesn’t need him any more while also saying The Rock’s return to the company has been bulls**t as well.

This is all part of the storyline that could lead to a huge WrestleMania 40 tag team match, but it’s still very interesting to many people within the WWE Universe.

The Rock is returning to Smackdown on March 1st with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. To get ready for that, Rock posted a 21-minute video on Twitter/X and Instagram where he matter of factly told Cody Rhodes: “F**k your story.”

That’s not all because Rock also responded to a video of Rollins talking to Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes where Rollins claimed that WWE didn’t Rock.

“You don’t need The Rock huh? “Rock we don’t need you.” If you were a little smarter Seth you would realise how stupid you sound! Let Rock drop some gospel on your goofy ass. You need The Rock in ways you couldn’t even imagine. Here’s some gospel. You think when Ari Emanuel, Rock’s good friend and good business partner for decades, Rock’s lead agent, someone who The Rock looks up to like a big brother.

You think when he goes to sit with Netflix across from Ted Sarandos, Rock’s good buddy and business partner. Sitting across from Bela Bajaria, Rock’s good friend and business partner at Netflix. You think when they are singing this $5 billion for the WWE and Netflix, do you think that Ted and Bela say “Hey Ari. When WWE comes to Netflix, is Seth Rollins gonna be champion?” Do you think that’s what they are asking?

No, they are not asking that. Number one, because they don’t care, and number 2, they don’t know who the hell you are. You know what they asking? “Hey Ari, we will sign this $5 billion historic deal. Never before. But one question. Where’s The People’s Champion? One question. Where is The Rock? Where is the man who has the most-watched film in the history of Netflix? Rock, where is he at in this whole thing?” Ari looks at them and he says “He’s locked in for life. He’s locked in for life. Director of the board and owns everything as it related to his name. He’s locked in for life.” Singed $5 billion.

After bragging about the WWE deal with Netflix, The Rock continued to make his point.

So Seth Rollins, you understand now how much you need The Rock? You understand now, boy? You keep running your mouth. Rock can find some new material? Is that right? Here’s some new material for you, Seth Rollins. How about this? The Rock sits at the top, Director, TKO Board. Not WWE, but TKO, which means Rock is the boss, which means Rock is your boss, which means Rock owns everything associated with The Rock, People’s Champion, owns it all!

Which means Rock is your boss. Which means Seth Rollins if you keep running your mouth and sticking your nose in The Bloodline’s business then that world title you have around your waist, very soon The Rock will make that title go to somebody else.

Read between the lines, Rock just blurred it. Keep running your mouth and sticking your nose in The Bloodline’s business. This is between The Rock, Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. That’s it. Stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, Rock garun-damn-tees you, Rock has built a career on doing everything he said he is going to do. You stick your nose in our business, that world title goes to somebody else. There’s 2 things you can do about it Seth, nothing and like it.”

How Did Seth Rollins React To The Rock’s Comments?

Following The Rock’s electrifying promo on social media, Rollins reacted without any words, but rather a GIF on X/Twitter where he was acting as if he wanted to throw up.

While WWE has promoted The Rock and Roman Reigns heavily on the March 1 episode of Smackdown, they aren’t the only big names supposed to be there. Cody Rhodes, who is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania 40, noted on social media that he is booked for that episode of Smackdown also. It has been reported that Seth Rollins will be there as well.

It has been reported previously that The Rock pitched the tag team match at WrestleMania 40, possibly on Night 1, with Rollins & Rhodes facing Rock & Reigns in a huge tag team match. Tune into Smackdown to see what happens.

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