Seth Rollins Takes Aim At The Rock’s “Bullsh*t” WWE Return

Seth Rollins/The Rock split

There’s no love between Seth Rollins and The Rock.

The Rock’s return to WWE, coupled with a serious injury to CM Punk has sparked chaos in the main event picture. Punk had been due to face Rollins at WrestleMania but that match was scrapped after Punk suffered a torn triceps at the Royal Rumble.

Meanwhile, The Rock’s comeback and initial targeting of Roman Reigns seemed to scupper Cody Rhodes’ plans. However, at WWE’s WrestleMania Kick-Off Event, Rhodes stepped forward to challenge Reigns once again. To hammer home the chaos, The Rock seemingly turned heel at the event by aligning with Roman Reigns and slapping the American Nightmare in the face.

Rollins also ended up in the chaos backing up Rhodes, hinting at a tag team match between the four men.

Speaking in a new interview with FOX News, Rollins addressed Rock’s comeback, something that’s taken on extra significance now that he’s part of the TKO Group Board. When asked about the star, Rollins gave a typically forthright response.

“It’s just what happens when powerful people exert their power,” Rollins said. “They just think they do whatever they want and get away with it, and that sucks. It just sucks. I don’t know any other way to put it. I guess it (resulted) in Cody getting what he wanted.

We’ll figure out what’s next for the World Heavyweight title. But Cody said it best. It’s bulls—-. It feels pretty gross to me.”

Rollins explained that The Great One returned to WWE a decade ago and pushed CM Punk aside, proving he has a track record when it comes to throwing his weight around. The World Heavyweight Champion said that this time it’s worse given his position on the board.

“But yeah, now coming back, on the board of directors, like I said man, it feels like gross. I don’t like it. I feel like we gotta do something about it. Just don’t know what that next step is going to be.”

Seth Rollins Planning WWE Stay

Speaking elsewhere, Seth Rollins gave an update on his contract status and plans for the future. While the star’s contract is expected to expire in 2024, Rollins said he hopes to stay with the company, describing it as “home.”

There’s no word on who Seth Rollins will face at WrestleMania with CM Punk out injured.