Seth Rollins Tells The Rock WWE Doesn’t Need Him

Seth Rollins, The Rock, Roman Reigns split

Seth Rollins has a message for The Rock.

In a move that stunned those watching in the arena and at home, on the February 2nd episode of SmackDown, Cody Rhodes moved aside to let The Rock challenge Roman Reigns. Or at least that seems to be the plan for now.

The segment sparked a huge backlash online with many fans upset that WWE had seemingly thrown away Cody Rhodes’ entire story since returning to the company to give The Rock one more match.

Appearing on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football show, Rollins weighed in on the Hollywood megastar’s comeback.

The World Heavyweight Champion said that with WWE being so popular, it’s no wonder The Rock wants in — but WWE doesn’t need him.

“Hey, look, man, if The Rock wants to jump on the bandwagon, ride my coattails into Wrestlemania, that’s totally fine with me. Look, I get it. WWE is as hot as it’s ever been. We are selling out arenas, stadiums. Any place we go right now is huge.

We just inked two massive deals – SmackDown to USA Network and Raw. My show, which I’ve been anchoring for the last decade, just signed the most lucrative television deal in the history of professional wrestling with Netflix, which is going to be a game changer starting next year.

So, we are living life right now. We are huge and for The Rock to want to come on board now, jump on my Wrestlemania, get his toes wet. I get it. So mad respect to him and everything he’s done outside of here and everything he’s done for our industry.

So I got no problem with The Rock jumping on and doing his business for us, man. I mean, we appreciate having him. Like I said, he’s riding my coattails. He just needs to remember that….

Look at the numbers. Look at who’s been on Monday Night Raw for the last ten years more than anybody. It’s me. I get the credit, not him. So he can come in, he can get what he wants. He can take his little piece, and then he can go back to Hollywood and do this thing because we got this thing. We don’t need you. We love to have you, but we don’t need you, big guy.”

Cody Rhodes Warned WWE Against Segment With The Rock

According to a report from Fightful Select, Cody Rhodes warned WWE about his segment on SmackDown with The Rock and Roman Reigns. Rhodes reportedly told WWE he feared the reaction to the segment “wouldn’t be the desired one,” but did the segment anyway. Although, he was said to be in a somber mood after.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co