Surprising Backstage Figure Produced Uncle Howdy SmackDown Segment

Uncle Howdy

An unusual figure produced the SmackDown segment which featured the first in-person appearance of Bray Wyatt’s apparent nemesis, Uncle Howdy.

Ever since he returned to WWE at Extreme Rules in October, Bray Wyatt has been hounded by ‘Uncle Howdy’. The mysterious figure first made himself known on the October 28th edition of SmackDown when he interrupted an emotional promo by Wyatt.

Uncle Howdy continued to interject himself into the star’s appearances with cryptic messages on multiple episodes of SmackDown, speaking of Bray Wyatt’s past personas and “inner demons”.

As well as his issues with Howdy, Wyatt has begun a feud with LA Knight. During the latest edition of SmackDown, it was revealed that Knight had been kidnapped and gagged by an unknown figure the previous week in the latest of several backstage attacks.

During the show, Knight accused Wyatt for the attacks, claiming he and Uncle Howdy were actually the same man. Wyatt came to the ring to deny this but was interrupted by Howdy on the big screen. Howdy told LA Knight he wanted to show him something “really scary”.

With this, Uncle Howdy made his entrance at the top of the ramp, tipping his hat to Knight while laughter filled the arena. Panicking, Knight backed out of the ring.

Fightful Select has since reported that the segment was produced by Road Dogg. This is interesting as he is currently serving as the Senior Vice President Of Live Events and doesn’t usually work as a Producer for the show.

Before his current position, though, Road Dogg was heavily involved in the creative side of WWE, having previously been the Head Writer for TV.