Uncle Howdy Makes In-Person WWE Debut On SmackDown

Uncle Howdy

Bray Wyatt might be one step closer to embracing his dark side once again after the mysterious Uncle Howdy made his in-person debut on SmackDown.

It didn’t take long after Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE at Extreme Rules for Uncle Howdy to begin appearing in vignettes as the shady figure alluded to Wyatt’s fiendish past and the star’s inner demons. Although the link between Howdy and Wyatt is as of yet unknown.

On SmackDown in Chicago, LA Knight took to the ring to make a startling revelation about last week’s show. Knight claimed that he had been kidnapped by an unknown assailant, this being the latest in a string of backstage attacks to befall Knight. An incensed LA Knight accused Bray Wyatt of being the kidnapper and furthermore suggested that Wyatt and Uncle Howdy were the same person.

Bray Wyatt came to the ring to plead his innocence to Knight but was attacked by the former NXT star for his troubles. Uncle Howdy then appeared on the big screen and told Knight he wanted to show him something really scary.

The mysterious figure then made his way to the top of the ramp, shrouded in shadows and wearing his signature top hat while maniacal laughter filled the Allstate Arena. Knight backed out of the ring while Wyatt simply looked on.

For now, at least, the mystery of Uncle Howdy continues.