Sting Wanted Kevin Nash Physically Involved In Final AEW Match

Kevin Nash & Sting split

Kevin Nash has shared the truth about why he didn’t attend Sting’s final match.

At AEW Revolution, Sting wrestled for the final time teaming with Darby Allin to retain the World Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks. The wild Tornado tag team match saw both Sting and Allin flying through panes of glass and through tables off the stage.

Given that it was his last match, Lex Luger, Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff, Ricky Steamboat, and Ric Flair were all in attendance, with the latter pair physically involved in the action.

Ahead of the event, Kevin Nash claimed he wouldn’t be there as he’s a “WWE guy,” however, the veteran has attempted to clear up the situation.

Speaking on his Kilq This podcast, Nash said Sting wanted him to be physically involved in the match.

“For some reason, people think that Paul [Triple H] told me I couldn’t go and my thing was I’m a WWE guy. When this thing first came out, it came to fruition, I got contacted by Steve, Sting. He was telling me what he wanted to do and then in that same breath, he said, ‘What can you do physicality-wise? So if anybody wants to know why Kevin Nash was at home, that’s why. He asked me what I can do physicality-wise.”

When pushed on whether he would be involved, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed the danger involved in the match.

That’s the way I took it. The easiest thing to do, because once you get there, then you have to tell everybody else, Steamboat and everybody else that’s going to be involved in this thing, ‘I’m not doing it. I’m not doing anything.’

Then on top of that, you’ve got people going through glass. Whether it’s rigged glass or whether it’s not, I talked to somebody that is a friend of mine that says that the shards of that glass, whether it was candy, coated, safety, whatever, cut people that were in the crowd. I think it was the one when Sting hit with his ass. I think that was the one he went ass-first.

All you need is somebody to get some kind of an injury. I’ve been in the ring before when people have gotten injured, and I promise you, they’re not going to sue AEW. They’re gonna sue AEW and all the independent contractors that are involved in the match.”

In closing, Nash said he wasn’t at Revolution because he simply didn’t want to be there.

“I could have gone. I didn’t go because I didn’t want to go. I don’t want to sit in a fu**ing arena with 18,000 fu**ing wrestling fans. I don’t care if it’s the Sting seating area. I’ve still got to get in and out of the building. It’s like, I don’t want to go. Nobody’s coming to see me at Sting’s retirement match, therefore, I don’t need to be there.”

Sting Ends AEW Run Undefeated

As a result of the win, Sting retired not only as Tag Team Champion, but undefeated in AEW.

In the hours after the match, Tony Khan declared the titles vacant and revealed that a tournament would soon be underway to determine new champions.

On the March 9th episode of Collision, Tony Schiavone announced that the tournament will begin on March 16th.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co