Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Exit A “Bad Sign”

Stephanie McMahon WWE Slammys

The departure from WWE of Stephanie McMahon has been called a “bad sign” as rumours persist that Vince McMahon is looking to gain more power.

Stephanie McMahon brought her time with WWE to a close recently as she resigned from the roles of Chairwoman and co-CEO that she had held since the summer of 2022. That news came amid her father Vince McMahon’s return to WWE’s Board of Directors before he was installed as the Executive Chairman of the company.

Rumours persist that despite WWE privately saying otherwise that Vince McMahon will look to regain his creative power in the company with there said to be a feeling within WWE that McMahon will return to television sooner rather than later.

Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Ariel Helwani commented on his experience of attending a WWE show shortly after Vince McMahon’s 2022 retirement and added that everyone seemed to hold Stephanie McMahon in high esteem:

“It was like these clouds had opened up. Everyone’s spirits are high, no one says a bad thing about Stephanie. It’s a remarkable thing, nobody speaks badly of her. Everyone seems to respect her tremendously.”

Helwani then added that Stephanie McMahon’s WWE exit was a “bad sign” before adding that he expects the former Chairwoman to be successful in whatever she decides to do next:

“She’s so likable and respected. She is the quintessential businesswoman. If she decides to do something… imagine a media company run by [Stephanie]. I feel like she’d be successful in whatever she does.”

Other reports suggest that Stephanie McMahon had issues working with her father once again before her WWE departure.