Stephanie McMahon Publicly Picked Sides At WWE WrestleMania

Stephanie McMahon WWE WrestleMania

It’s a new era in WWE under Paul Levesque as the company looks to leave Vince McMahon in the rearview mirror but Stephanie McMahon is more than welcome.

Vince McMahon has been accused of sexual assault in a disturbing lawsuit filed by a former WWE employee. As a result, Vince McMahon was told to resign as Executive Chairman of TKO and seems to no longer be affiliated in any way with WWE other than his diminishing stockholding in the TKO Group.

When Vince McMahon forced his way back onto the WWE board in early 2023, pre-Endeavor takeover, Stephanie McMahon immediately resigned as WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO walking away from the company she had worked for for decades.

Stephanie McMahon made a shock appearance at WrestleMania 40 as she touted it was now her husband Paul Levesque’s era and it seems Endeavor is quite happy to have her on-board.

Stephanie McMahon Would Be Welcomed Back In WWE

Fightful Select has reported WWE has no plans to distance itself from Stephanie McMahon and noted that she was welcomed with open arms at WrestleMania. Her promo segment was listed internally as a Triple H promo – he had opened the show with a welcome speech on WrestleMania Saturday – so that would have been what was expected.

Stephanie McMahon is not without controversy, however, as she was named as one of the corporate officers listed in the lawsuit against her father. There was no word on how she handled the allegations made against her father and what she knew or didn’t know about them.

A source noted that while the situation must be tricky for Stephanie, the belief is that her appearance at WrestleMania was her publicly picking a side. She is not believed to be officially back in WWE in a full-time role although several people within the company have claimed they’d welcome her back.