Stephanie McMahon “More Caring” Than Vince McMahon Says AEW Star

Stephanie McMahon

A former WWE Superstar has said they always found Stephanie McMahon to be more caring than her father despite the similarities between the two.

Stephanie McMahon stunned the wrestling world when she announced her resignation as WWE’s Chairwoman and co-CEO following the return of her father Vince McMahon to the company’s Board of Directors.

Vince McMahon was then installed as Executive Chairman after his daughter’s departure with reports suggesting that Stephanie McMahon had issues working with her father once again.

Current AEW and former WWE star Matt Hardy commented on the situation on his Extreme Life podcast, and says that while Stephanie McMahon wasn’t afraid to let people know who was boss, she was always more caring than Vince McMahon about those working for her:

“I mean, I like Stephanie. I always got along good with her, especially the last round when I was there. And I felt like Stephanie was a lot more like Vince than Shane was ever like Vince as far as her business drive, and she knew she had to like, show authority, kind of put her foot down, you know, slapped down on power card, whatever.”

“But she was also compassionate. And I felt like she cared more about the human beings that were there sacrificing so much for her and her family that run the joint, you know. So I feel like she was a little more caring about human beings and their life outside of pro wrestling.”

Recent reports have stated that there are those in WWE that feel “the countdown is on” to Vince McMahon regaining full control of the company and potentially side-lining Chief Content Officer, Triple H.

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