Shayna Baszler Says “We Are Not Faking Anything”

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Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey aren’t faking anything ahead of SummerSlam.

Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey will clash at SummerSlam in an MMA Rules match after their partnership fell apart at Money In The Bank. On that show, the two stars were defending their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez with Baszler shockingly turning on her long-time friend to cost them the title.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes ahead of SummerSlam, Shayna Baszler noted how important it has been for there to be no black-and-white hero and villain in the feud as they focus on realism:

“I liked it because it has been important since the beginning that we want this to have a very fight feel. This has come from a real place. You know, when you tune into the UFC, you don’t go who’s the heel here? I don’t know who to cheer for. So you just cheer for who you like. It’s been important for us to not have this black-and-white good guy, bad guy, it’s just going to be a fight. And people just happen to like me, I don’t know, maybe my charm is starting to get through.

“But I think it has been important to do that, and I think that the thing that has been easy is that the fans, pro-wrestling fans especially, can tell when you are faking the funk. And this has been real, and we are not faking anything, and I think that has really helped us resonate.”

The video packages ahead of the match between Baszler and Rousey gained some attention and Shayna Baszler noted that they weren’t scripted so what you hear from the stars is very real:

“So when you can sit us down in the chair and you are like, you can be real, just start talking, go. And we just start talking, and it is all very real. So we have been set up, as far as the promo packages, to showcase what we are able to bring, and that is a lot of realism.”

Is Ronda Rousey leaving WWE after Shayna Baszler bout?

Ronda Rousey’s feud with Shayna Baszler is believed to have been somewhat rushed due to Rousey giving the company a date for her departure.

A new report has indicated that the former UFC star’s exit from the company could be “imminent” following SummerSlam.