Liv Morgan Angle Done To Cover Potential Major Injury

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An injury angle took place on Monday Night Raw to explain why Liv Morgan could miss a significant amount of time.

The past few months have been full of highs and lows for Liv Morgan, who was attacked and injured by Rhea Ripley this past Monday on Raw to give an excuse to write Morgan out of storylines.

It was on May 12th when Liv Morgan suffered a shoulder injury in a match, which led to Liv and her tag team partner Raquel Rodriguez giving up the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

The good news coming out of that injury was that Morgan was able to rehab and get back in the ring within less than two months. Morgan and Rodriguez won the Women’s Tag Team Titles back at Money in the Bank when Shayna Baszler attacked Ronda Rousey to cost her team the match.

That title reign was a short one for Morgan & Rodriguez. That’s because Rhea Ripley attacked Rodriguez before the match, which left Morgan alone against Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville, who became the new Women’s Tag Team Champions on the July 17th edition of Raw.

While Morgan looked for revenge against the Women’s World Champion Ripley on Raw this week, Ripley greeted her with a cheap attack all around the ringside. When they went into the ring, Ripley continued the attack by stomping on a steel chair that was on Morgan’s left shoulder.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the reason Ripley’s attack on Morgan looked so violent was to cover if Morgan needs surgery.

“There were two injury angles on the 7/24 Raw show that both covered for actual injuries. The Morgan injury came across more serious as Ripley attacked Morgan before their scheduled match and Pillmanized her shoulder twice and they showed Morgan crying in pain in a later segment as well. There is no time frame how long she will be out but if she does need surgery it would be lengthy and the angle was done to prepare for that possibility.”

“It appears that’s the reason they did the tag title change since it was her last match and they had started doing the thing where Morgan kept telling Ripley she wasn’t afraid of Ripley. Before the Atlanta title change she hadn’t wrestled since the title win at Money in the Bank.”

How Long Could Liv Morgan Be Out If She Has Surgery?

There are different types of shoulder injuries and every person is different. However, if Liv Morgan needed surgery then it could be a lengthy absence from anywhere from at least six months or even longer. If that’s the case then she’ll be out for the rest of 2023.

The last year has been the best run of Liv Morgan’s career since she’s a former Smackdown Women’s Champion and two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion as well.