Shawn Michaels Names “The Single Greatest Secret In NXT”

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Shawn Michaels has praised the “amazing job” being done in NXT by a pioneer he has called “the single greatest secret”.

As the man that oversees WWE’s NXT brand, Shawn Michaels is the Vice President of Talent Development Creative. As part of his role, the WWE Hall of Famer is charged with helping create the next generation of WWE Superstars.

With NXT set to crown a new Women’s Champion later tonight at Battleground, Shawn Michaels feels that the level of talent “is off the charts”.

Ahead of this weekend’s Battleground Premium Live Event, Michaels took part in a Media Call and shared his praise on Sara Amato, who he states is responsible for the level of ability on show in NXT and WWE’s women’s divisions.

“I feel the need to tout the system here. To tout the system, I have to give a lot of credit to Sara Amato [Sara Del Ray]. The women’s division, not just here in NXT, even on the main roster, is on a level that I think is off the charts.

When everything is said and done, everything comes down to the work of Sara, she had been the one that has been the pioneer of that here in NXT for the longest time.

I know there are a lot times…Sara is a mom now, and we obviously work around her schedule, but she is so good at staying in the background and saying she doesn’t like to get noticed that much and she’ll probably get mad at me for talking about her here.

She is the single greatest secret, I think, that NXT had because she does absolute wonders with the women that come through the doors of NXT. I need to get that out there on Sara. She does an amazing job here.”

Following an eleven-year in ring career, Amato became WWE’s first female trainee in NXT, working to develop the next generation of Superstars.

One of her biggest influences has been in implementing the moves used by male Superstars as part of the women’s divisions training, which saw her promoted to assistant head coach in 2015.

The former Shimmer Champion now works closely with NXT’s head coach Matt Bloom.

Shawn Michaels also discussed his desire to bring a former NXT UK Superstar to WWE full time.

Tiffany Stratton will face off with Lyra Valkyria as the pair compete in the final round of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament.

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