Shawn Michaels Wants Forgotten WWE Star In NXT

Shawn Michaels NXT

Shawn Michaels has discussed the potential future of NXT UK star Blair Davenport and says he wants to see her make an impact in the US.

WWE is always on the lookout for the next big star and they might already have one in the women’s division under the company’s umbrella but Blair Davenport hasn’t been seen for quite some time.

Speaking on the pre-NXT Battleground media call, Shawn Michaels discussed NXT UK star Blair Davenport’s future on the brand given that she only competed three times on the US-based NXT with the last of those matches coming in September 2022:

“I do know that there is interest obviously there, especially from the standpoint of Blair Davenport. Those are obviously decisions that she has to make when it comes to wanting to be here. I will say that, my feeling is, if she does make that decision, she would want to come and make a big impact.

“We would obviously be in favor of that as well. She is someone that we have reached out to. Whether she makes the determination that she wants to be part of NXT, hopefully, we’ll have something on that in the very near future.”

The NXT’s women’s division is currently under attack by an unknown assailant. Several female stars have been taken out in the infamous parking lot while a masked person took out Roxanne Perez on TV after The Prodigy had lost to Tiffany Stratton. Many have speculated online that the masked attacker is in fact Blair Davenport but that remains to be seen.

h/t Fightful