Shane McMahon No Longer Under Contract With WWE

Shane McMahon WWE

In recent weeks, the wrestling world has been murmuring about Shane McMahon showing up in AEW and it seems he has no WWE commitments to stop it from happening.

Shane McMahon was last seen in WWE at WrestleMania 39 in an appearance remembered for all the wrong reasons. McMahon was a surprise opponent for The Miz who hosted the event with rap legend Snoop Dogg. However, seconds into the impromptu bout McMahon tore his quadriceps forcing of all people Snoop Dogg to come to the rescue and defeat The Miz.

Jim Ross set tongues wagging recently by noting that Shane McMahon joining AEW was “so crazy it might work” which led to reports that McMahon had reached out to some in AEW about a potential appearance in Tony Khan’s company.

Shane McMahon Under No Contract With WWE

Fightful Select has now reported the reality of Shane McMahon appearing in WWE is not looking likely. The report noted McMahon’s name had not been brought up at a high level in the company and before Jim Ross’ comments, the issue wasn’t the subject of conversation at all in AEW.

Shane McMahon did not have a future in WWE while his father Vince McMahon was running things as the long-time chairman had told those close to him Shane “would never get another pop in the company again” after he caused issues at the 2022 Royal Rumble.

Interestingly, it is noted that despite Shane McMahon appearing at WrestleMania 39, he is no longer under any kind of contract with WWE which could leave him to appear for another wrestling company any time he wanted. McMahon being featured as part of the WWE 2K24 video game was said to be part of a separate agreement.