Shane McMahon Contacts AEW Stars About Becoming All Elite

Daniel Bryan Shane McMahon

It seems the idea of Shane McMahon in AEW is not as far-fetched as people might think with the WWE star reaching out about making it happen.

Vince McMahon is no longer part of WWE and seems to be in the process of selling off his remaining shares in its parent company TKO. McMahon has been accused of sexual assault in a bombshell lawsuit that has now been put on hold as the US Government launches its own investigation into the disgraced former WWE Chairman.

Triple H is running the show creatively in WWE and his wife Stephanie McMahon has dipped her toe back in the world of wrestling, appearing at WrestleMania 40 and as part of the WWE Draft. But what about Shane McMahon?

Previously Jim Ross noted the idea of Shane McMahon joining AEW was “so crazy it might work” and now it seems, it’s maybe not as crazy as the iconic announcer thought.

Following up on his previous comments on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross noted that he’s been told Shane McMahon has reached out to AEW stars to discuss the idea of him coming into the company:

There was a friend of ours. He went out of his way to text me, ‘Hey, that’s not as crazy as you think. I know for sure that Shane McMahon has reached out to wrestlers on the AEW roster to at least hypothetically discuss the idea.’

When Did Shane McMahon Last Appear In WWE?

Shane McMahon was last seen in WWE at WrestleMania 39 in an appearance remembered for all the wrong reasons. McMahon was a surprise opponent for The Miz who hosted the event with rap legend Snoop Dogg. However, seconds into the impromptu bout McMahon tore his quadriceps forcing of all people Snoop Dogg to come to the rescue and defeat The Miz.