Seth Rollins Undergoes Surgery

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins will be out of action from the WWE ring due to a recent knee surgery.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins has been dealing with a knee injury since the January 15th edition of Raw when he successfully defended his championship against Jinder Mahal.

Shortly after that, Rollins revealed that while he did suffer an injury (torn MCL and partially torn meniscus), he would recover before WrestleMania. That assessment was right because Rollins was back in the ring for live event matches two months later and even wrestled a TV match against Solo Sikoa on Raw on April 1st too.

At WrestleMania 40, Seth Rollins teamed up with Cody Rhodes against The Rock & Roman Reigns in the Saturday night main event. That match went 45 minutes with Rollins spending lots of time in the ring and out of the ring as well as Rock getting the win over Cody.

On WrestleMania Sunday, Rollins lost the World Heavyweight Title that he held for ten months to Drew McIntyre. That wasn’t all because Rollins also appeared during the main event to help Cody against Reigns in the BLoodline Rules match, which saw Reigns hit Rollins with a steel chair in the back moments before Cody came back to get the win.

Becky Lynch, who is married to Rollins, appeared on a talk show on RTE in Ireland where she revealed Rollins had surgery this past Tuesday for a torn meniscus.

“So, he just got surgery on Tuesday. So he had knee surgery, he tore his meniscus a little while before WrestleMania, and so his rehab I suppose is running after a little three year old now. That’ll be great for his knee surgery.”

The three-year-old that Lynch referred to is the couple’s three-year-old daughter Roux.

There is no timeline announced for when Seth Rollins will return to the WWE ring. A torn meniscus surgical repair is different for everybody depending on if it was a full tear that needed to be repaired or if it was a partial tear. The recovery time could be anywhere from a month to three months or maybe even six months. As of this writing, the recovery time is unknown and Rollins has yet to comment on his surgery.

As for their futures in WWE, it has been reported that Lynch and Rollins both have contracts that are set to expire within a few months. Leaving WWE seems unlikely, but you never know in the world of pro wrestling.

The Rock Calls Seth Rollins The MVP Of WrestleMania 40

In the days that came after WrestleMania 40, The Rock looked back on the event and named Seth Rollins as the MVP of the entire WrestleMania weekend likely about Rollins not just working twice and appearing during the Cody-Reigns match, but because he did it on an injured knee.

“I want to say congratulations to the men I was in the ring with. These guys are the best in the planet. Congratulations to Cody Rhodes, the new Universal Champion. As I had said, when ‘The Final Boss’ returns, he’s coming back for you. I’ll make you bleed again, boy [laughs]. Congratulations, Cody Rhodes. Congratulations to my cousin, Roman Reigns on an incredible three-and-a-half year run, maybe even four years.

“Just incredible and iconic and historic. I’m very, very proud of you, uso. And also congratulations to who I feel is the real MVP of the entire WrestleMania weekend, Seth Rollins. What an honor it was to share the ring with you three. What an honor it was for us to break records, and now, my sights are set on the next WrestleMania. But that’s down the road, a conversation down the road.”

Everybody here at TJRWrestling wishes Seth Rollins all the best during his recovery from knee surgery.