Seth Rollins Says He Owes Finn Balor Due To Bringing Becky Lynch Into Wrestling

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Seth Rollins’ appreciation for Finn Balor extends beyond a professional level.

The World Heavyweight Champion has a storied career with Balor, which is set to continue at SummerSlam. Seven years on from their first championship encounter at the event, the two former Universal Champions will battle once more inside Ford Field, Detroit.

Rollins will hope that history does not repeat itself, as The Judgment Day leader was the victor in 2016. However, one Hall of Famer would prefer to see history repeat itself on August 5th.

Before becoming one of the top stars in the industry, Balor was a trainer for Fight Factory Pro Wrestling in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. The Prince would help train some of the stars of today, with the most famous student being Becky Lynch.

Rollins would acknowledge the earlier wrestling career of Balor while speaking to Daniel Cormier. The Architect is extremely thankful that his SummerSlam opponent was able to allow him to meet his future wife.

“Finn Balor is the person that trained my wife. He brought her into the industry. I owe him a lot on a personal level. I may not have a wife and a family if it wasn’t for him. I’m very excited to share the ring. I hope his headspace is where it needs to be because I want the best Finn Balor. I want the best Balor because that’s going to bring out the best Rollins, and that’s going to give the people and the World Heavyweight Championship the best matchup possible,”

Known for his unique dress sense, Rollins will likely have a distinctive choice of gear for the big match at SummerSlam. Rollins would reveal how the wardrobe choices came to be in a recent interview.

Unfortunately for Lynch, the originally scheduled match against Trish Stratus at SummerSlam has been postponed to the August 14th episode of Raw.

Who Is WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Married To?

Rollins would marry Becky Lynch in June 2021, following an engagement in August 2019. The couple welcomed daughter Roux into the world in December 2020.

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