Seth Rollins Explains How His Unique Wardrobe Started

Seth Rollins

According to Seth Rollins, his decision to start wearing different weird outfits that changed on a regular basis stemmed from wrestling under COVID parameters.

During that lockdown period, WWE underwent several radical changes in relatively short order. At first matches took place with only essential personnel, meaning only the participants in any one match, the referee, cameramen, and other key staff.

Soon afterwards WWE added contracted staff to the venues and those employees behaved like fans to give matches a semblance of live atmosphere. Then after that, WWE entered the ThunderDome era with thousands of screens replacing live human beings as spectators.

As Rollins wrestled through this period, he noticed that spectators were reacting to whatever he chose to wear on different nights. And from there he realized he had a gimmick worth pursuing.

Seth Rollins credits WWE’s ThunderDome audience for influencing his wardrobe

Speaking to SHAK Wrestling, Seth Rollins explained that fans started coming up with unique and creative chants about Rollins’ costumes and he realized that this was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

“Truth be told, you know, the wardrobe and the character really had its beginnings during the pandemic. So it would have been early 2021 when it was kind of taking its first baby steps so I didn’t have the same trepidation that I would if I was in front of an entire audience. It was just the television audience and then the computer screens at the ThunderDome.

But when I really started to notice that what I was doing was hitting was really during my rivalry with Edge because people really started to take notice of the colorful outfits. They started to make fun of them. They started to have fun with them. I wore an all silver, bright, aluminum foil looking suit on television one time and I got baked potato chants.

If you can get baked potato chants based on what you’re wearing, I think you’re onto something. It took a while to kind of grasp it and hone it and figure it out, but yeah, it started to catch on. People started to wonder what kind of outlandish crap I was going to wear the next week and it caught fire.”

Seth Rollins will have to put costumes and wardrobes at the back of his mind in the coming days as he has a major challenge ahead of him when he defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Finn Balor at SummerSlam on August 5th.

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