Seth Rollins Recalls Bizarre Wardrobe Choice On WWE Raw

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Seth Rollins has reflected on one of his more outrageous wardrobe choices seen on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins is known for his wild wardrobe choices in WWE but he outdid himself in February 2023 when he donned some special big red boots designed by art Collective group MSCHF.

Speaking on Complex, Seth Rollins recalled walking out on Monday Night Raw with his famous big red boots:

“This was special. I remember the first time I saw them. I had not seen them. I know they were kind of getting hot. But I’m sitting in my hotel and [King] Troi brings in this suitcase and opens them up, pops out these Super Mario-looking things and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe that he wanted me to wear these things. So, big red boots, man. MSCHF. They’re fantastic. They made for a hell of a viral moment in Brooklyn.”

Rollins continued noting that his outlandish wardrobe choices came after his paternity leave although concedes his shoe collection pales in comparison to his wife Becky Lynch’s:

“It really started about three years ago. I was coming off paternity leave, I wanted to do something different. My wife, Becky Lynch, her style blows mine out of the water. Her shoe game blows mine out of the water. Her closet compared to mine, her shoe closet’s crazy.”

Is Seth Rollins on the card for WWE SummerSlam?

Seth Rollins will put the World Heavyweight Championship on the line at SummerSlam against Finn Balor. Rollins won the title in a match against AJ Styles back at Night of Champions before successfully defending it against Balor at Money In The Bank.

Finn Balor and Seth Rollins’ rivalry goes back to SummerSlam in 2016, however, where the Irish star defeated Rollins to become the inaugural Universal Champion. Finn Balor was forced to relinquish the title just 24 hours later however due to an injury suffered in the match against Rollins.

h/t Wrestling Inc.