Sasha Banks Hints At Upcoming Date She’s Been Waiting 6 Months For

Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Mone

Sasha Banks has posted a new video on social talking about making her dreams happen this November.

A new video posted by Mercedes Varnado, who is better known to WWE fans as Sasha Banks, on Instagram has teased something big coming for her this month. While Banks did not disclose what exactly she is referring to, it has led to a lot of speculation that it could lead to her WWE in-ring return although that’s not confirmed by any means.

Here’s what Banks posted on her Instagram story, which Fightful shared on their Twitter account.

“As time passes, there has been so much growth, there’s been so much beautiful opportunity, and a journey that I’ve been loving, but as time passes, the date is coming that I have been waiting for, for the past 6 months, and I can’t wait. I am really gonna make the most of this November to make all my dreams happen in preparation for this date that I’ve been waiting for. I’m very excited, and I hope you guys come along for this journey. I just want to let you know there’s going to be something so fucking crazy coming.”

As you can see in the video below, Banks also has a nose ring now.

This has led to a lot of WWE fans guessing that perhaps she is talking about a return to WWE at Survivor Series in her hometown of Boston. Recently, there was a report that Banks was in negotiations for a new deal with WWE and on October 22nd, Banks was photographed after working out in a wrestling ring, which again caused the rumor mill to swirl about her WWE return.

It was back in May 2022 when Banks and fellow Women’s Tag Team Champion Naomi walked out of WWE when they were frustrated with the creative direction at the time. A lot has changed since then since Vince McMahon retired in July and Triple H took over from him, which has led to a lot of superstars coming back like Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Johnny Gargano and Dakota Kai to name a few. In addition, there have been multiple reports of backstage morale improving post-Vince as well.

During her time away from WWE, Banks has done other things like appear at New York Fashion Week and recently appeared on the red carpet at the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” movie premiere along with Naomi, Jimmy Uso (who is married to Naomi) and The New Day trio – Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods.