Saraya Named WWE Star Overlooked Because She Was A “Diva”


Current AEW star Saraya has heaped praise on former WWE Superstar Alicia Fox and says that Fox doesn’t get the in-ring credit she deserves.

Alicia Fox’s career in WWE stretches back to 2006 when she was part of the company’s then-developmental territory OVW alongside the likes of Beth Phoenix and Serena Deeb. She graduated to the WWE main roster in 2009, a time when women’s wrestling was not showcased well in the company and the female stars were referred to as Divas.

The highlight of Fox’s in-ring career came in June 2010 when she captured the WWE Divas Title at the Fatal Four-Way event, holding it for two months before losing the gold to Melina at that year’s SummerSlam. Fox remained with the company until 2019.

Speaking on Superstar Crossover, Saraya discussed Alicia Fox’s career and commented on a recent social media post of hers where she noted that Fox does not get the credit for her skills that she deserved because of the era she competed in:

“So I actually posted this recently, but like, I feel like Alicia Fox didn’t get her flowers for the longest time. Because if you look back at her stuff, it’s everything looks aggressive, but she’s safe.

“All her matches were good. You have to watch them back. Because every time I wrestled her, I felt really, really safe. So I felt like she was very underrated. Also, she was in the Divas era. So if people didn’t give her the chance, and just thought, ‘No, she’s a diva, she couldn’t possibly be a good wrestler,’ but no, she was a great wrestler.”

Saraya is currently embroiled in a feud with the homegrown stars of AEW’s women’s division alongside Ruby Soho and Toni Storm as The Outcasts.

AEW’s women’s division received a boost recently as one of those homegrown stars officially became All Elite.

h/t Fightful