Ex-WWE Star Melina Booted From LA Hotel Over WrestleMania Weekend

Melina WWE

WrestleMania brings a lot of wrestling stars from around the world into a city with plenty of shows happening around WWE’s showpiece event but for Melina, the weekend didn’t go as planned.

Melina is best known for her years in WWE where she was part of the MNM team with Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. After beginning on TV as a manager to that pairing she became an accomplished in-ring competitor herself holding the WWE Women’s and Divas Championships on multiple occasions.

Her last appearance in the company came as a surprise entrant in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble where she was eliminated from the match by Sasha Banks in less than a minute.

Melina was in Los Angeles for Wrestlecon over WrestleMania weekend but things seemed to go wrong. PWInsider Elite reported that she was involved in an incident at the Wrestlecon hotel after attending SmackDown on Friday night.

She was reported to have been behaving in a “loud manner” and was said to have gotten into an argument and a physical altercation. As a result, hotel security became involved and ordered her to leave and as a result, she was not allowed to return for her signing at Wrestlecon.

That was not the only unfortunate incident that occurred for the popular event as Rick Steiner was also barred from returning after the WWE Hall of Famer was accused of subjecting Impact star Gisele Shaw to anti-trans abuse.