Samoa Joe Sends Horrifying Message To MJF For AEW Worlds End

Samoa Joe AEW

Samoa Joe is the horrifying combination of a master manipulator and a savage competitor and he’s sent a strong message to MJF ahead of AEW Worlds End.

Samoa Joe was MJF’s unlikely saviour, stepping in to offer to take Adam Cole’s place to defend the ROH Tag Team Championship at Full Gear. Joe’s help came at a price though as he demanded a shot at the AEW World Title to help MJF out, something that the champion reluctantly agreed to.

That means at Worlds End, MJF will defend his AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe and Joe is more than ready for that challenge.

Speaking to Niko Exxtra, Samoa Joe spelled out exactly what he plans on doing to MJF and it does not sound pleasant in the slightest:

I think everybody knows what I’m going to do. I’m going to pummel him unmercifully, snatch his soul and beat him until he hands it to me and begs me to stop.

I mean that is what’s on the agenda but I said that leading into our last big televised event before we get into Worlds End. You know, we might start the party a little bit early if the opportunity presents itself.

Samoa Joe Explains His Role As MJF’s Protector

Samoa Joe was then asked why he wanted to act as MJF’s protector when he ultimately wanted to do unspeakable harm to The Salt of the Earth:

A lot of people have a little bit of trouble understanding this concept but I’ll put it like this. MJF was victorious last time we were in his hometown, some dastardly tactics were used but I respect the man’s intuitiveness as far as wanting to get the job done.

Now we’re going back to his hometown I want the very best MJF there. I want the finest version of MJF to show up so that when I destroy him completely in front of all his friends and loved ones there are no excuses.

Both MJF and Samoa Joe are going to have to get past the antics of AEW’s Devil who has been taking out stars left and right that have come into contact with the AEW World Champion.

AEW gave the biggest clue yet as to the identity of The Devil when Hangman Adam Page was taken out by his goons on Dynamite.