Major Clue For AEW Devil On Dynamite

AEW Devil

The Devil and his henchmen made their presence felt on AEW Dynamite as they took the fight to Hangman Adam Page.

The Devil has rum amok in AEW for weeks now as speculation grows over who the man behind MJF’s mask really is. That continued on the Winter Is Coming edition of Dynamite as Samoa Joe questioned Adam Page about being behind the attacks after MJF was apparently taken out with a beer bottle on the previous week’s show.

At the end of the Winter Is Coming edition of Dynamite all questions of Page being The Devil seemed to be answered when he was attacked in the parking lot by the goons. Page tried to fight them off but the numbers advantage was against him when The Devil appeared out of a car and gave his troops a nod which led to Page being slammed through a car windshield. Something that we’ve seen in AEW not too long ago.

Did The Devil Make Adam Page Cry A River On AEW Dynamite?

At All In Jack Perry took on HOOK on the Zero Hour pre-show and at one point Perry through HOOK through a car windshield. So far, so good. However, Perry then inadvertently changed the course of wrestling history when he looked directly into the camera and said something to the effect of “Real glass? Cry me a river.”

That was a jab at CM Punk after Punk had stopped Perry from using real glass in a similar spot planned on Collision. The former AEW World Champion was involved in a physical backstage altercation with Perry at All In as a result and CM Punk was fired by AEW for his part in the ordeal. This was not Punk’s first backstage fight in the company.

Jack Perry’s suspension for his part in the All In fight is over so the star could be free to return to AEW TV anytime now. Or perhaps he already has and left Adam Page crying a river in the parking lot. Although this could also just be one big red herring while the real Devil goes under the radar.