Sami Zayn Comments On Kevin Owens’ Rejection

Sami Zayn Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn has given his thoughts after apparently having his olive branch snapped in half by Kevin Owens on Monday Night Raw.

At Elimination Chamber, Sami Zayn and the crowd in his hometown of Montreal were left heartbroken when Roman Reigns somehow managed to escape with his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. After the match, Reigns looked to do what he did to Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble as he launched an assault on Zayn.

This time Roman Reigns attempted to put Jey Uso to the test, instructing the reluctant star to finish Zayn off with a chair shot but that never came. What did come though was Kevin Owens to a rapturous ovation as he took out The Bloodline, even delivering a Stunner to Paul Heyman for good measure. While many might have hoped this meant Zayn and Owens were back on the same page, Monday Night Raw proved that might not be the case.

On the show, Sami Zayn thanked the fans for their support and noted that stories never end in WWE but he is nearing his final chapter with The Bloodline and wants to finish this story with Kevin Owens. Owens came to the ring and Zayn apologised and suggested they take out The Bloodline together but Owens currently seems to have other ideas as he told Zayn that he wanted to carry on alone.

Speaking in a WWE Digital Exclusive interview, Sami Zayn says he recognizes that his and Owens’ relationship is a complicated one but the only way to truly eliminate The Bloodline will be together:

“I don’t know if I’d call it extending the olive branch because there’s hurt feelings…definitely on his side. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t complicated on my side. I just recognize the situation here. Look, for better or for worse, we needed each other our whole careers to lift each other up. Even when we were on the opposite side of the fence, we always brought out the best in each other. We were always able to accomplish things because of the other’s existence. And if he’s as dedicated as I am to making sure we see the end of The Bloodline, I know the only way to get it done is together.”