Rumour Killer On WWE’s WarGames Survivor Series Plans

wwe survivor series wargames

WWE is not putting the battle for brand supremacy inside the WarGames cage.

On the season premiere edition of SmackDown Triple H named some new authority figures in WWE. Following his years as an on-screen official in the company Adam Pearce has been given the job of Raw General Manager while former TNA World Champion Nick Aldis was given the same job on the blue brand.

Nick Aldis’ first duty in his new role was to complete the trade that took Jey Uso to Monday Night Raw as he welcomed Kevin Owens to SmackDown – a move that Owens has described as “bittersweet.”

On SmackDown in San Antonio, Texas, it seems that Nick Aldis has drawn the battlelines between his brand and Monday Night Raw after a wild night saw Jey Uso get a measure of revenge on his brother Jimmy. Jimmy Uso had cost Jey and Cody Rhodes the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship on Raw so Jey took out Jimmy as he and Solo Sikoa had tried to lay out John Cena.

Backstage Nick Aldis wanted to bring a bit of order to his brand and informed Jey Uso of a $10,000 fine before asking security to remove him from the building. Raw General Manager Adam Pearce was in attendance and spoke up for his star which led Aldis to having both men removed from the arena. This led a lot of fans to wonder if WWE was bringing back the Raw vs. SmackDown theme for Survivor Series in November.

Is WWE bringing back the battle for brand supremacy?

Writing in his Daily Update, Dave Meltzer noted that although he discussed the chances of a Raw vs. SmackDown WarGames match happening based on the interaction between Aldis and Pearce, he has been told that any WarGames match is not being planned as a battle of the brands.

While a WarGames match might be out of the question, there could still be room on the Survivor Series card for other Raw vs. SmackDown matches, if that happens or not remains to be seen.