Rob Van Dam Hints He Had WWE’s Permission For AEW Appearance

Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has given an interesting take on his recent AEW outing.

Rob Van Dam recently made his AEW debut when he took on Jack Perry for the FTW Championship on Dynamite after Perry had run his mouth about the place where the title originated, ECW. RVD was introduced by another ECW alumni in Jerry Lynn and on the 9th of August edition of Dynamite, he took Jack Perry to his limit.

Despite that, Perry took the low road via a low blow before driving RVD into a steel chair to pick up the cheap win and retain his unsanctioned title. Despite RVD’s appearance being generally well received, in the world of wrestling, there is no pleasing everyone.

Rob Van Dam has taken to social media to answer assertions that he in any way did WWE wrong by appearing in AEW and seems to suggest he had permission for his excursion to Tony Khan’s company:

“Some fans are saying I did WWE wrong by appearing on AEW. I wonder if they would all eat sh*t [i]f I revealed that I had permission to do it? Or would they just move on to puke out the next meaningless bullshit that comes out of their mouths? Yeah, I figured. I’ll keep it to my self for now.”

Is Rob Van Dam still attached to WWE?

The last time Rob Van Dam competed in a WWE ring was back in 2014 in a SmackDown loss to Seth Rollins. However, RVD has appeared for the company several times since then. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022 and as recently as May 2023, he appeared on WWE TV to announce picks in the WWE Draft.

Given Van Dam’s links to ECW and Philadelphia, PA, it is perhaps no surprise that WWE has been advertising the star to be part of events surrounding WrestleMania 40 when it emanates from the City of Brotherly Love in April 2024.