WWE Still Advertising Rob Van Dam Despite AEW Debut

Rob Van Dam

Despite showing up in AEW, Rob Van Dam is still being advertised for WWE appearances.

Jack Perry has shed his Jungle Boy persona and embraced his arrogant side as he looks to make a name for himself in AEW without worrying about what people think about him. Perry has already found success with his new attitude after he defeated HOOK for the FTW Title.

Since then Perry has lambasted ECW – the original home of the FTW Title – and former stars of the company such as Taz and Jerry Lynn. However, on the 200th episode of Dynamite, Jack Perry might have run his mouth all the way into serious trouble.

Jack Perry offered Jerry Lynn to come to the ring for a fight but the former ECW World Champion had another idea and revealed he had called an old friend to take the fight to the young star as WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam made his surprise debut in AEW. Perry retreated before failing to attack RVD from behind.

Rob Van Dam then revealed he’ll challenge Jack Perry for the FTW Title and if he wins, he might just retire the unsanctioned title.

What is WWE advertising Rob Van Dam for?

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that Rob Van Dam is only expected to have one match in the company against Jack Perry. However, it is noted that WWE is currently advertising Rob Van Dam as part of the WrestleMania 40 weekend packages in Philadelphia – the former home city of ECW.

If RVD’s AEW deal proves to be a short-term deal, then it seems likely he could still be back in his old stomping ground for the showcase of the immortals in the spring of 2024.