Rob Van Dam Comments On If AEW’s Young Stars Respect Veterans

Rob Van Dam in AEW

Rob Van Dam has given his thoughts on whether AEW stars respect the veterans in the locker room.

Ever since ‘Hangman’ Adam Page admitted he didn’t take advice from coaches in AEW, there have been numerous veterans questioning whether the company’s stars have respect for the generations who came before them. Most recently, Tully Blanchard claimed that when he was part of AEW, nobody came to ask him or Arn Anderson for advice.

Speaking on Marty Jannetty’s Party With Marty podcast Rob Van Dam addressed Blanchard’s comments, saying if that’s true then he would question whether the young stars think they already know it all.

“I heard Tully Blanchard say it, and I’m told Arn Anderson said it too, although that is hearsay, that the young guys don’t want their input ever.”

“[They] never ask them ever for any help or anything on their matches and stuff … I mean, that’s important to me.

“It makes me think, do they think they know it all? Do they not respect them enough?

However, RVD also suspects it could be a case of the wrestlers feeling awkward about asking for tips because they’ve not learned the wrestling business the same way.

But also, it’s awkward for them because they’re not taught like us to go around and shake everyone’s hand and stuff.”

AEW Stars Did Ask Rob Van Dam For Advice

While Tully Blanchard may not have been asked for his thoughts, RVD says he had a different experience, with several wrestlers approaching him.

“I gotta say, when I’m in AEW, wrestlers do ask me for my advice. I don’t know if that’s just specific because these guys are specifically fans of mine that I inspired, or does that say something about my generation’s respect that we earned with the younger guys versus the generation above.”

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