Ricochet Wanted By TNA Star After WWE Exit

Ricochet holding Intercontinental Championship belt

While many expect Ricochet to sign with AEW, one star thinks it would be “incredible” to see the high-flyer join TNA instead.

On June 8th, it was reported that Ricochet had given WWE his notice to leave when his contract expires in the coming weeks. The news was seemingly confirmed when the star was subjected to a brutal attack by Bron Breakker on the June 10th edition of Raw that saw him being taken away from the arena in an ambulance.

Since then, speculation has been rife on the former Intercontinental Champion’s next move, with many believing he will head to AEW where he can rekindle his rivalry with Will Ospreay.

However, Leon Slater would prefer to see the star heading through the Prohibited Portal to join him in TNA. Speaking to Cultaholic, Slater explained how much of an inspiration Ricochet had been to his career.

“Again, I think that would be extremely cool. As I think a lot of people from my kind of generation, we kind of grew up on Ricochet. Him and (Will) Ospreay really introduced this new style that we all kind of mold ourselves into so to get to work with him would be incredible for sure.”

Slater thinks that the star is just what is needed to give the X Division a “kick up the ass.”

“I think more than anything, I think it’d be a real kick up the ass for us all in the X Division to really up our game because Ricochet… he’s one of the greatest high-fliers of all-time and one of the greatest to ever do this style that we do. So especially for me, I think it’d be a great challenge and I think he’d be someone that I’d really wanna step up to and up my game to face.”

Could Ricochet Have One More Match In WWE?

Although he appears to have been written off TV, it has been reported that there have been pitches for Ricochet to have one more WWE match before he leaves the company. It is thought that the company wants to capitalise on the attention he’s received after his beatdown by Bron Breakker, with a match between the two potentially happening in July.

H/T to POST Wrestling for the above transcription.