WWE Pitch Shock Last Match For Departing Star

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One WWE star is on their way out of the company but after a brutal attack on Raw, it seems a pitch has been made for one more match.

In recent days it became apparent that Ricochet was heading out of WWE as his current deal with the company comes to an end. Recently, several stars in the company have signed new deals as they neared the end of their old ones but Ricochet is said to have made clear that he would not be re-signing and was on his way out.

On the 10th of June edition of Raw, that exit was all but guaranteed as the former US Champion was devoured by a rampant Bron Breakker. Breakker defeated Ilja Dragunov on the show and continued to beat down Dragunov after picking up the win. That led to Ricochet attempting to make the save for Dragunov but he might have wished he didn’t bother.

Bron Breakker got the better of Ricochet, lawn-darting him into a production truck backstage in echoes of what Kevin Nash did to Rey Mysterio back in WCW. The former NXT Champion then slammed Ricochet through a car windscreen. That led to Ricochet being taken away in an ambulance and seemingly out of WWE but could there be one more twist in the tale?

WWE Creative Pitch Made For Ricochet Return

PWInsider (via LuigiWrestling) reported that WWE is considering a huge change of direction by having Ricochet return for one more match. The report noted that WWE could be looking to capitalise on the attention he received following his beating by Bron Breakker.

A proposal has been made for a match that could take place in July which is said to be Ricochet’s final month under WWE contract and he’d likely be facing Bron Breakker in that scenario.