Ric Flair Reacts To Sting Mentioning Him On AEW Dynamite

ric flair sting wwe hall of fame

Ric Flair loved hearing Sting mention him during an AEW Dynamite promo while The Stinger was addressing the AEW World Champion MJF.

For many wrestling fans, Ric Flair and Sting had one of the greatest rivalries ever that helped define a generation. If you grew up with the NWA and what became known as WCW, Flair and Sting were the two stalwarts in the promotion.

Sting had his breakout match at the first Clash of the Champions event in 1988 when he went to a 45-minute draw against the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair. At the 1990 Great American Bash, Sting was able to beat Flair to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the first time.

The rivalry between Flair and The Stinger continued throughout the 1990s in WCW and they also wrestled on the last edition of WCW Monday Nitro in March 2001 as well.

When Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, it was Ric Flair who inducted him. Nobody else would have been a better choice. It had to be Ric Flair.

On this week’s April 12th edition of AEW Dynamite, Sting did a promo to support his friend Darby Allin as The Stinger addressed MJF, the AEW World Champion. Dyrubg

Sting told MJF that Max had a support system with Cody Rhodes, Sting is Darby’s support system and the young surfer Sting had a support system too by the name of Ric Flair. There were loud “WOO” chants. Sting thanked Ric for putting him on the map and Sting said that he loved the Nature Boy.

On Twitter, Ric Flair reacted to it with multiple tweets along with the video of Sting’s speech.

.@Sting, The Respect Is Mutual! Love You My Friend! #AEWDynamite

You Actually EARNED MY RESPECT For Being The Man You ARE @Sting!