Ric Flair Reacts To Criticism Of WWE Hall Of Fame Speech

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Ric Flair has offered up his take on reports that there may have been some criticism of his WWE Hall of Fame 2023 induction speech for The Great Muta.

When it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, Ric Flair is no stranger to it. After all, the “Nature Boy” is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer that was inducted for his own incredible career and his legendary run with The Four Horsemen.

It’s also likely that Ric Flair will be a three-time WWE Hall of Famer when the Evolution stable is inducted some day down the road.

At this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony that took place on April 1st in Los Angeles, Flair had the honor of inducted Japanese wrestling The Great Muta into this year’s Hall of Fame.

After the ceremony, there was a report from Fightful Select noting: “Konnan’s speech was very well received by WWE. We’re told the opposite from many regarding Ric Flair’s.”

No reason was given about what was wrong with Flair’s speech although he did talk about himself quite a bit before talking about Muta.

During this week’s To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair commented on critics of his speech while saying he never heard any complaints from anybody in WWE.

“I don’t know what they didn’t like about it. You have to remember that 99% of the people in attendance in that building don’t even know who Muta is. Does it make sense? They haven’t performed [against him], well the wrestling people do but I’m saying the audience.”

“So I just, anytime you compare someone to Ricky Steamboat, and Shawn Michaels, I don’t see how anyone could complain about that. Because he was that good. Or say he was the first guy to do the moonsault on TV, you brought to my attention.”

“What they didn’t like, I guess, as I mentioned, the fact that I’ve been there 64 times, and all the guys that beat me, because I couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t know what they’re unhappy about. So I didn’t hear it from anybody in the WWE, but that’s not unusual.”

Elsewhere on his podcast, Ric Flair wasn’t happy about WWE’s choice of the main event of WrestleMania 39 Night One because he thought his daughter Charlotte Flair’s match against Rhea Ripley should have gone on last.

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