Rey Mysterio Undergoes Surgery After WWE Betrayal

Rey Mysterio being helped out of arena by LWO

Rey Mysterio has revealed that he has undergone knee surgery following the events of WWE SmackDown

On the November 10th edition of SmackDown, Rey Mysterio was attacked by LWO teammate Santos Escobar. The betrayal came after Carlito accused Escobar of being responsible for Mysterio losing the US Championship to Logan Paul.

At Crown Jewel, Logan Paul laid Rey Mysterio out with brass knuckles to capture gold for the first time in WWE. The knuckles were brought into play by a friend of Paul’s who tried to pass them to the YouTube star. While Escobar prevented the exchange and chased Paul’s friend off, he conveniently left the weapon on the apron in easy reach of The Maverick.

Santos Escobar betrayed Rey Mysterio

After the accusation, Escobar left the ring while Carlito began his match with Bobby Lashley. The bout quickly descended into chaos with Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro brawling with the Street Profits at ringside while Lashley was able to get the victory with a Spear to Carlito.

As the fighting continued after the match, Escobar returned to the ring but hesitated to help the rest of the LWO. Mysterio then made the save with a steel chair and scolded Escobar for not acting. At this, Escobar snapped and attacked his mentor, only to be met with a slap from the Hall of Famer.

Mysterio had second thoughts and offered to help Escobar up, only to be thrown into the ring post. Mysterio fell with his leg trapped between the post and the steel steps and Escobar took advantage of the situation by ramming the steel into his leg.

Now, Mysterio has taken to Instagram to show that he has received knee surgery following the assault and has his sights firmly set on payback.

“Knee surgery was successful @dugasmd1
Now payback on @escobarwwe is on the horizon! Pagarás por los daños #Santos”