Logan Paul Wins First WWE Gold At Crown Jewel

Logan Paul

Logan Paul continued to impress in his wrestling career as he claimed his first WWE championship at Crown Jewel.

At Crown Jewel 2022, Logan Paul had the biggest match of his WWE career so far as he challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. The Bloodline made their presence felt which led to Jake Paul making his WWE debut as he attempted to help his brother end the historic reign of The Tribal Chief. In the end, however, Logan Paul suffered the same fate as so many WWE stars as Roman Reigns picked up the win.

Following his boxing fight with Dillon Danis, Logan Paul wasted no time in calling out Rey Mysterio as he wanted to capture Mysterio’s United States Championship.

Logan Paul Defeats Rey Mysterio At WWE Crown Jewel

Logan Paul made his entrance at Crown Jewel via a dune buggy that he drove into the arena before Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring.

The WWE Hall of Famer looked to have the upper hand which led to one of Paul’s minions attempting to give him some brass knuckles. Santos Escobar chased him away but incredibly left the brass knuckles on the ring apron which allowed Paul to grab them when Mysterio set him up for the 619. Mysterio hit the move but as he went for his splash, Paul was on his feet to meet him with a brass knuckle-assisted right hand to pick up the win and become WWE US Champion.