Reason For Latest WWE Releases Revealed

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A new report has given more details on WWE’s latest releases.

On April 19th, Jinder Mahal, Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer, and Sanga were released by WWE. The releases caught many by surprise, especially as they came while SmackDown was on the air.

In fact, during SmackDown, Xia Li was featured in a video setting up the Battle Royal to determine a new Women’s World Champion on Raw despite being released.

A new report from Fightful Select has offered some more details on the releases and the reason behind the cuts. According to the report, the releases were cited internally as being part of “budget cuts” although it’s unclear whether this was passed on to talent. The stars who were let go were informed on Friday evening.

WWE higher-ups reportedly told Fightful that the cuts were made as a combination of “not appearing on television due to creative not having anything for the talent, as well as upward trajectory based on progression and how long they’d been with the company.”

Several wrestlers found out about the releases at SmackDown, given that WWE no longer announces releases or confirms them via emails or memos to staff.

With regard to former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, Corey Brennan was told that during a recent trip to NXT, he was helpful and willing to give advice. Despite Mahal initially writing on social media that he quit, Sean Ross Sapp confirmed his departure was part of the releases.

In closing, there were no suggestions that any of those released had any heat within the company.

Eric Bischoff Says Hook Should Jump To WWE

It was recently reported that Hook is looking to explore his options when his AEW contract expires later in 2024. Furthermore, there’s been talk of WWE interest in the second-generation star who remains a popular member of the AEW roster.

While discussing the report, Eric Bischoff said Hook should take the opportunity if it presents itself.