Real Reason For Shock AEW Exit Revealed By Dave Meltzer

Tony Khan AEW

Things are rapidly changing in AEW with several executives leaving the company in the space of a few weeks and now the real reason for one of those exits has apparently been revealed.

QT Marshall stunned many in AEW when he announced his exit, leading to several tributes being paid to the star who worked backstage as well as in the ring for the company.

More change was to come when Kevin Sullivan was fired by AEW, having served as the company’s Vice President of Post Production since its inception. That decision was said to have been made by Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer Mike Mansury who only joined AEW from WWE in December 2022.

Another long-time executive in AEW is also on the way out with Rafael Morffi believed to be leaving the company having worked as the Vice President of Live Events/Touring.

However, the biggest shock could well have been Dana Massie, the wife of Matt Jackson leaving AEW at the end of 2023. Massie had been with the company since day one and had worked as the Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer during her time there.

Dave Meltzer Explains Dana Massie’s AEW Exit

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained the real reason why Dana Massie is on her way out of AEW and it seems to have to do with the company failing to defend her family after the infamous CM Punk fallout:

The real truth of the thing with Dana is – it’s a funny thing, if you’re a wrestler you kind of go with the flow and you’ll work if you’re unfairly maligned and things like that. I think with her – again she was someone who at some point was expecting to do this forever.

I think what happened is that everything that happened over the past year with her husband, her brother-in-law vilified and never defended and never being allowed to defend themselves and the company never defending them, it made it really difficult.

They re-signed, they didn’t go to WWE. They got a great offer and basically, it was the best thing for the family, the best thing financially to stay. They’d all agreed to stay or they all agreed to the majority vote. That was one of the things they all agreed to so they stayed. With her, I think it just got too tough because of that and I’m sure there were other reasons too but that was a lot of it, the fact that she felt that they were never defended at a time that they should have probably been defended by the company. Punk went after her too and she was never defended at that point.

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