Huge AEW Name Released

AEW logo over roster

AEW continues to evolve and now one of the big names that has been with the company from the start has been released.

Kevin Sullivan joined AEW soon after the company was founded and headed up the post-production side of things as the Vice President of Post Production but now, to some surprise, he has been let go.

Writing in his Daily Update, Dave Meltzer explained that Sullivan had been let go and it had been the call of Mike Mansury, the Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer of the company. Meltzer noted that Sullivan was very highly thought of in the company and had been with AEW from almost the start, making the move from IMPACT Wrestling.

There are said to be a lot of questions surrounding the decision past the fact that AEW has changed greatly in its five-year existence as Sullivan had built the entire AEW post-production team based in Nashville.

More Changes To Come In AEW?

There have been several changes behind the scenes in AEW in Tony Khan’s company’s five years of existence. Cody Rhodes left the company in February 2022 and with it his role as Executive Vice President. He was joined by his wife Brandi Rhodes who had been AEW’s Chief Brand Officer.

More recently, QT Marshall revealed he had resigned from the company. Marshall was an on-screen wrestler but behind-the-scenes wore many different hats, including writing the formats for weekly television at one point.

AEW Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh has returned to her role at the Jacksonville Jaguars in recent months. Parekh was pointedly not a part of the disciplinary committee that decided on the firing of CM Punk from AEW.