AEW Executive With Family Connection To Leave

AEW Wrestling logo over blurred Tony Khan

The face of AEW in front of the camera has changed greatly since 2019 but now behind the scenes, Tony Khan’s company is becoming almost unrecognisable.

QT Marshall stunned many in AEW when he announced his exit, leading to several tributes being paid to the star who worked backstage as well as in the ring for the company.

More change was to come when Kevin Sullivan was fired by AEW, having served as the company’s Vice President of Post Production since its inception. That decision was said to have been made by Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer Mike Mansury who only joined AEW from WWE in December 2022.

Another long-time executive in AEW is also on the way out with Rafael Morffi believed to be leaving the company having worked as the Vice President of Live Events/Touring. But now perhaps the biggest surprise yet is coming.

AEW Faces Another Shock Exit By Original

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported on social media that there is a belief that AEW’s Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer Dana Massie is to leave the company. Massie has been with AEW since day one and is the wife of The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson.

Massie is believed to have been behind much of The Young Bucks’ success with merchandise before AEW even existed. The Bucks were so successful with merchandise despite not being with WWE, that they got shirts into Hot Topic and many wrestling stars have credited them for helping innovate how stars outside major companies can make more money with merchandise.