Prince Nana Reveals Origin Of Viral Dance

Prince Nana dancing

Prince Nana has revealed how he became a viral sensation in AEW.

As seen during Swerve Strickland’s entrance, the dance has taken over social media with many trying to recreate the entrance, but no one has the moves like the originator.

While appearing on Talk is Jericho, Nana spoke about how he came up with the moves and how it organically grew to the crowd dancing along at AEW’s biggest show ever:

And let me tell you the dance, how that came about was, you know, I got some good information from the AEW, office. I believe it was during the Canada trip or maybe a little after that, because Canada took a lot out of everybody. I love Canada. Regina, I love that place. Yeah, but I was in my room got some good news. And next thing you know, I, you know, put on Instagram, I put on the Swrve song. And I was like, I’m gonna just dance to this. And I just started dancing that same dance. And I did that same dance. I taped it.

We went maybe about two weeks. And you know, when I was initially walking him to the ring, I had a little motion in my step, a little pep in my step. But I said to myself, maybe two weeks into that, I looked at that video again. And I said, You know what, I’m gonna do this dance. And I did it one night and boom, history again, was made. And just since then, every week people are requesting me to do it. I did it in London in front of 80,000 people. We’re getting memes. We’re getting people, you know, doing the challenge. So it’s definitely a great thing.

Who Is Prince Nana?

The leader of The Mogul Embassy made his name in Ring of Honor, joining the promotion in its early days. Forming The Embassy with original members Jimmy Rave and John Walters. Following a brief departure in 2006, Nana returned to ROH in 2008 where he would manage The Embassy once again for the next 4 years with standout names such as Tommaso Ciampa and Claudio Castagnoli being a part of the group for a brief period.

Following Tony Khan’s purchase and relaunch of Ring of Honor in 2022, Prince Nana would return to the promotion again at Death Before Dishonor, forming The Mogul Embassy that features Brian Cage and The Gates of Agony.

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