NXT Star Says “It’s On Sight” After Match Interference

NXT Heatwave Dijak

Dijak is out for revenge after losing one of the most important NXT matches of his career.

As seen on the August 15th episode of NXT, Dijak faced Wes Lee in singles action, where the winner would go on to challenge Carmelo Hayes for the Championship at Heatwave.

The larger competitor looked to have the match in control but was distracted by Eddie Thorpe. Lee would take advantage of the distraction, sending Dijak into the steel steps.

Lee followed up with the Caridac Kick and a Corkscrew Senton to win the match and advance to the title match, whereas Dijak will be left off of the card for the event.

Understandably frustrated with the loss, Dijak took to social media to vent his frustrations at the conclusion of the match. The former Dominik Dijakovic declared that he will get his revenge on Thorpe for interfering in the match:

Eddie Thorpe wants to smoke peyote and go dancing with wolves well guess what Tatanka now it’s on sight bitch.

NXT Gets Set For Heatwave

The WWE developmental brand will present the special edition of the Tuesday night show on August 22nd. Also not happy with Superstars interfering in his matches, Dragon Lee will team up with Lara Valkyria to take on the duo of Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio.

Also on the show, a former main roster star who returned to NXT has revitalised a gimmick that was previously dropped, hoping to have more success the second time around.

WWE will be hoping that the special episode will continue the trend of improved ratings for the brand. With one Hall of Famer predicting that NXT will eventually overtake AEW in the weekly ratings, this may be the week where the gap closes even further.