WWE Hall Of Famer Predicts NXT To Defeat AEW In Ratings Battle

AEW and NXT Logos over graph

Eric Bischoff believes that NXT will soon overtake AEW in the battle for viewers.

With both brands initially going head to head on Wednesdays and NXT eventually moving to Tuesday nights, Dynamite has been the show with the bigger audience every week apart from a handful of occasions. However, this may soon be changing.

Those that monitor the viewership week after week have seen that WWE’s developmental brand has seen a growth in viewers, drawing an average audience of over 700,000. However, AEW’s flagship show has stagnated, with the show that once drew 1 million-plus averaging around 850,000 viewers a week.

Someone who knows about ratings battles all too well is Eric Bischoff, who was a part of the most famous wrestling TV war in history on Monday nights.

Speaking on the Strictly Business podcast, Bischoff has noticed that the gap between the two shows is closing, and NXT may overtake its closest rival:

“I predicted it last year or early this year, at some point in time, NXT is going to outperform Dynamite and they’re within about 100,000 viewers or less of doing that.

“I predicted it would happen this summer [and] I’m gonna stick with that.”

Bischoff would also point out that the biggest stars are present on Dynamite, while NXT predominantly features talent still trying to establish themselves:

“People have to remember NXT is a developmental organization. It isn’t [WWE’s] biggest, brightest stars as it is with AEW — you see their top talent on that show regularly.

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