WWE Star Brings Back Scrapped Gimmick

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One WWE star has resurrected a previously abandoned gimmick.

The last few years have been fairly unsettled for Mustafa Ali after reports of the star asking for his release from the company at least once.

But now things look to be back on track for the star as part of NXT as he debuted a gimmick that appeared to be the “New America” character that had been in the works before being pulled towards the start of 2022. Ali appeared on NXT television talking like a politician as he claimed to be a NXT North American Champion the people deserve.

Ali Continued:

“They deserve someone who’s a champion both inside and outside the ring. I am the North American Champion that we need, I will elevate the North American Championship to unparalleled heights — all while inspiring millions across the continent [so] that, they too, can do incredible things the right way.”

Why was Mustafa Ali’s New American scrapped by WWE?

The issues leading to Ali’s absence in early 2022 are said to stem from the “New America” gimmick Ali hinted at several weeks ago. The idea was accepted at first, however, Vince McMahon seemingly decided against it and pitched something else that was said to be “something Mustafa Ali would never have done.” This resulted in a heated argument between the two.