Lacey Evans Confirms WWE Exit

Lacey Evans

Based on her Instagram profile, Lacey Evans has all but confirmed her departure from WWE.

Lacey Evans has undergone several gimmick changes over the years, from being a southern belle to a Sgt. Slaughter-inspired marine. But now, all of that may ended up being moot as it appears that she has left WWE altogether.

Per a report by Fightful Select, the woman behind the gimmick, Macey Estrella-Kadlec, has changed her Instagram account to include the words “FKA WWE Superstar Lacey Evans”, with FKA standing for “formerly known as”.

Although WWE has not confirmed or denied anything related to Evans, Fightful Select did note that Evans’ contract expires at midnight EST. As such, it is possible that WWE might release a statement in the coming days confirming what Estrella-Kadlec has posted on her personal social media accounts.

Lacey Evans was no stranger to controversy while in WWE

Many people considered Lacey Evans and the woman behind the gimmick to be divisive for different reasons. On one occasion she made some attention-grabbing comments on social media regarding autism and depression. On other occasions fans questioned her storylines and matches, which were perceived to be more reminiscent of a bygone era and not in line with the company’s current direction regarding its women’s division.

Lacey Evans has only wrestled in four televised matches in 2023. Three of those were under three minutes long and saw her either win against lower-card wrestlers like Carmen Harress and Jazmin Allure, or lose to established stars like Charlotte Flair.

Her last PLE appearance was at the 2023 Royal Rumble in which she entered the eponymous women’s rumble match and lasted almost twelve minutes before being eliminated by Raquel Rodriguez.