NXT Sees Former Champion Unmasked

wwe NXT Arena

It seems that NXT might not be big enough for all of its masked stars after Scrypts lost his mask following a match with Axiom.

On the 2nd of May edition of NXT television, Axiom and Scrypts went one-on-one in a typically high-flying affair. In the end, it was Axiom that picked up the win. However, his show of respect was thrown back in his face as when he helped Scrypts back to his feet, he was attacked by his opponent.

Axiom fought back and ended up pulling the mask from Scrypts head, revealing that he was actually former Raw star and four-time WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie. Scrypts wasn’t identified as Reggie on-screen but Booker T asked his commentary partner Vic Joseph if he recognized him.

Reggie began appearing on WWE television back in late 2020 as the sommelier of Carmella and would help her during her feud with Sasha Banks. When that partnership ended, Reggie went on to accompany Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to the ring for their matches before they turned on him and he ended up competing alongside the likes of R-Truth, Akira Tozawa, and Dana Brooke for the 24/7 Championship.

After a six-month hiatus from television, Reggie became the masked Scrypts in NXT and has competed on the developmental brand ever since.