Booker T Thinks AEW Dream Match Would Be “Total & Complete Disaster”

Booker T

Booker T believes a potential AEW match would be a really bad idea – and has a suggestion to change it.

Since confirming that he is now longer signed to WWE, Goldberg became one of the biggest-name free agents in the world of professional wrestling. As you would expect with a competitor with his name value, there has been plenty of talk where he could compete next, including mentioning that he could even run his own retirement tour.

However, there are also regular links between the former World Champion and an appearance in All Elite Wrestling. Wardlow would be seen as the modern day comparison, and an obvious choice if a match were to happen in the company.

Booker T feels that, although a dream match on paper, when the pair locked horns in the squared circle it wouldn’t be very good at all.

Speaking on his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T went so far as to say that a match between Goldberg and Wardlow would be “a total and complete disaster”.

“No, not for me. It’s great on paper. It’s something I could see headlining the marquee — I could see that. But, I’m talking about what could happen in an actual match between Wardlow and Goldberg. That could be a disaster, a total and complete disaster. I would not recommend this match.”

Continuing on, Booker T does feel there’s an appropriate match in the company for Goldberg, which would keep things rather simple.

“Darby Allin. [Goldberg can] beat him up and get out there. That would be my pick.”

Goldberg also recently revealed that he had retirement plans with WWE, but they were changed.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.