Nia Jax Discusses Possible WWE Return

Nia Jax

When Nia Jax made a surprise return to WWE at this year’s Women’s Royal Rumble, and now Jax has answered if this means she will be returning full-time.

When the clock counted down to the number 30 entrant for January’s Women’s Royal Rumble match, not many could have predicted that Nia Jax’s music would hit.

But after WWE released a new t-shirt, it led to many believing that Jax was back for good.

Nia Jax established success in NXT before being drafted into the main WWE roster in 2016.

Over the next five years, Jax created memorable feuds with Alexa Bliss and Ronda Rousey, whilst becoming Raw Women’s Champion.

Jax teamed up with fellow NXT star Shayna Baszler to twice lift the Women’s Tag Team Championships, with their second reign lasting 103 days.

After losing the Championships, Baszler injured Jax, leading to time off-screen. In November 2021, Jax was released from her WWE contract.

With a huge crowd reaction to the Rumble comeback, fans have been eager to know what Jax’s plans are now, and if she is looking to return to WWE.

Appearing on Ring the Belle, Jax reflected on her favourite moments in WWE and shared how much she loves performing in front of wrestling fans.

“I’m the last person to know. Honestly. How many times have they told me right before something happens? Rumble (2019), Survivor Series (2018), even coming back for the Rumble. I’m the last person to know. I couldn’t tell you. ‘Give us the tea.’ I don’t know. They’re going to tell me last minute. That’s probably what may or may not happen, who knows,”

“There is nothing like it. There is nothing like getting in the ring and performing in front of thousands of people. When I went back for the Rumble, even for that brief little moment. I was like, ‘ah.’ That adrenaline hit, the heart was pumping, the chills were going. I was like, ‘Damn, I wish I would have been in there longer. I wish I would have had a full match.’ It hit me. I go train with Nattie (Neidhart) and TJ (Wilson) sometimes in their ring. Just for a good workout. You still have that fire.”

Jax has recently shared her thoughts on possibly joining AEW, as the company looks to expand with a new weekly Saturday night show, and their first-ever UK event this August at Wembley Stadium.

Triple H has discussed the possibility of Nia Jax’s cousin, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), returning to action in WWE, amidst rumors The Great One could be set to face off against Roman Reigns.

With reports The Rock has left the possibility of competing at WrestleMania 40 open, the current Undisputed Universal WWE Champion could still have to defend his place as The Tribal Chief in what would be a first scheduled singles match since WrestleMania 29.

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