Nick Khan Discusses WWE’s Relationship With Saudi Arabia Following Sale

nick khan wwe ceo talk

Nick Khan has discussed how WWE’s sale to Endeavor has an impact in their ongoing relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Despite there being plenty of talk that a sale was due to take place, many were caught by surprise when, off the back of WrestleMania 39, WWE entered in to a $21 billion venture under the Endeavor banner which also includes UFC. Vince McMahon became Chairman Of The Board for the company, whilst Nick Khan took up the position of President for WWE.

However, with WWE in a ten-year partnership with the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia which dates back to 2018, the sale led to a number of questions due to the tumultuous relationship between the Kingdom and Endeavor.

In an interview with Axios, Nick Khan has discussed how the past will not influence the current deal, and that WWE has provided exactly what it has needed to for the Kingdom.

Our relationship with The Kingdom is a terrific partnership for which we’re appreciative of, and you know, nothing in terms of anyone else’s prior experience will affect that. We think that we’ve delivered the product in the way that the Kingdom wanted it delivered. We have a multiple year agreement with them in place. We’re excited to do a show — we’ll be back there May 27 for a big premium live event.

The shakeup has led to it being reported that Vince McMahon is firmly back in charge of WWE, and that there has been a huge negative shift in morale since the news broke.